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September 18, 2010 NDIS Design Section Added to NDIS.com


Added a new "NDIS Design" Section to NDIS .com. Initially this section contains a series of notes written by Prokash Sinha of Hewlett-Packard on the topic of High-Performance NDIS Miniport/NIC Design.

For more information, see the NDIS Design Section.

August 18, 2010 NDIS Edge Case Testing Notes


Some brief notes to remind developers to test NDIS drivers at their edge.

For more information, see NDIS Edge Case Testing.

December 6, 2009 Native Wi-Fi Operation Traces


Having a consolidated log that includes 802.11 packets and context, NDIS status and NDIS request activity may be helpful to some (such as the author...) in understanding how Native802.11 actually works on Windows Vista.

The link below is to a log of Native Wi-Fi operations on Windows 7 taken by the first version of the PCAUSA NDIS Explorer (NdisEx) NDIS 6 Lightweight Filter (LWF) driver.

For more information, see Native Wi-Fi Operation Traces.

December 3, 2009 PCAGizmo OID Tracing Tool Update


PCAGizmo V1.00.00.04 includes support for some new OIDs introduced with NDIS 6 and Windows 7.

Driver and Windows Installer packages are signed at this release.

For more information, see PCAGizmo NDIS OID Tracing Tool.

September 14, 2009 NDIS.com Under Reconstruction

NDIS.com has been neglected so long (due to over work..) that it has degenerated to the point of being almost useless. I will spend some time improving the site (due to under work...).

The site will basically be wiped clean and reorganized. Articles that still have value will be retained and as time permits I will be adding several new articles I have been meaning to put together.

Please be patient and return from time-to-time to see what's new.

November 23, 2006 Programmatically Installing NDIS Protocol Drivers


This topic describes a command-line sample application that can be used to programmatically install the NDISPROT sample NDIS protocol driver.

For more information, see Programmatically Installing NDIS Protocol Drivers for Windows Vista.

November 22, 2006 Making and Signing Driver Packages for NDIS Protocol Drivers on Windows Vista


Describes how to make and self-sign a driver package for installing the WDK NDIS 6.0 NDISPROT driver on Windows Vista x64 edition.

For more information, see Making and Signing Driver Packages for NDIS Protocol Drivers on Windows Vista.

November 22, 2006 Self-Signing NDIS Protocol Drivers for Windows Vista


On x64-based versions of Windows Vista NDIS protocol drivers simply will not be loaded unless they are digitally signed. A short article describes how to self-sign NDIS protocol drivers for Windows Vista.

For more information, see Self-Signing NDIS Protocol Drivers for Windows Vista.

March 18, 2006 Whitepaper - Getting Trace from NETCFG.DLL, by Stephan Wolf
  Debugging the process of installing NDIS drivers is often frustrating. Stephan's paper describes how to convince NETCFG.DLL to provide additional trace information that may be helpful. See:

Getting Trace from NETCFG.DLL (HTML)

July 15, 2003 NDIS-Related Articles on Windows Driver Developer's Digest

Visit WD-3 for two new articles of interest to NDIS developers.
Testing Network Drivers with the NDIS Test Tool
By Stephan Wolf, Windows Driver Developer's Digest, Vol.1 No. 3, July 15, 2003
Extending The Microsoft PassThru NDIS Intermediate Driver
Part 1 Adding a DeviceIoControl Interface
By Thomas Divine, Windows Driver Developer's Digest, Vol.1 No. 3, July 15, 2003
December 18, 2002 PCAUSA Acquires NDIS.COM Domain

PCAUSA has acquired the NDIS.COM domain. We intend to use this new domain name to organize and publish information of specific interest to NDIS software developers.

Most of the PCAUSA NDIS developer's resource information will be moved from www.pcausa.com and www.rawether.net to one central location - www.ndis.com.

During the move we plan to review and update the existing NDIS developer resource information - as well as add new information.



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